Robert Hardy of Edgefield, SC and Coosa, Alabama

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Robert Hardy born ca 1782 in Lunenburg Va died 9 May 1843 Coosa Co AL;-wife Nancy Peebles Browning remarried James Madison Bankston

Dear Family,
I thank my relatives in Alabama -Nellie Sellers Newton and especially Billy Parker who first helped me with rudiments they had received from family at reunions, including Fred D. Perkins, deceased. Fred was the son of Russell Isaiah Perkins about whom there is a great story about Richard Covington Hardy and his daughters which is in pictures below. Carol Hardy Bryan of the Edgefield Historical Society did allot to help the Hardy family back in the 1990s, for she was looking for her own Hardy ancestors in Edgefield. Also thanks to Cindy Stamps who sent me the copies of the Browning Bible transcriptions and whose great research on the ground in Arkansas and Alabama has opened up the Browning family for inspection. Thanks also to Carolyn Golowka for her great work on the Brownings in AL and GA.

When I started to search for my children's ancestors there was nothing on line about Robert Hardy. So I began to work on my own with family material. There are many documents I have yet to upload. The Robert Hardy (b.Lunenburg VA) family of Edgefield SC and the Ransom Middleton Meadows family both lived near Hayneville PO, Lowndesboro, Lowndes County AL and became closely associated. I welcome all additions/corrections which anyone may have at

Since I am making editions and editing every day, do not print this out. Just bookmark it.

The places I have heard mentioned connected to John Hardy and his wife in Edgefeld District are Campbell Town / Campbellton and Callihams Mill. It was northwest of Hamburg and along the Savannah River. While in South Carolina in the summer, I spent several days in the history room in Aiken SC, not far from the area where the Hardys lived and once part of Edgefield Dist. looking at maps.There I discovered on a map, as well as in a book, that the Hardys lived actually near a place founded by a Virginian called New Richmond and it was quite near the Savannah River. New Richmond was north of Cambelltown. I doubt either exist anymore. I also spent hours at the Edgefield Historical Society in Edgefield and Carol Hardy Bryan told me while visiting with her that New Richmond along the river is known by a few.

To begin, the illustration is of the house built by Thomas Hardy near Union in Union/Newberry District, formerly part of Old 96th SC. Thomas Hardy was the uncle of Robert Hardy who lived with his parents John and Ann in the Edgefield part of Old 96th District of SC . The house was built 1800-1825 in 2 phases, after having lived in an original log cabin till 1800. A dirt lane of trees went through cotton fields on either side to get to the house from the main road. The book cover illustration is just to set the mood for the time when all this history began in Edgefield SC. It is a house which Robert and his siblings visited, for sure.

Robert´s cousin Susannah (d/o Thomas Hardy and Phoebe Beuford) lived in the house above briefly before she married. It was Carol Hardy Bryan who first discovered the will of Phoebe`s father James Beuford, and uncovered that Phoebe was a Beuford, not a Jeter. I guess I was the only one who believed Carol because the book above has Jeter as her last name, but that is proven wrong. Perhaps Jeter was her middle name, and as they so often do down in Charleston, SC society they called her by her first and second name ALL the time. Instead of addressing her as plain old Phoebe. It would have been the custom to say the first and middles names as one word or name--and then that name stuck in everybody's memory.

Phoebe Beuford's daughter Susannah Hardy and husband Stephen Crenshaw b: 3 MAR 1764 (s/0 Robert Crenshaw and Elizabeth Beuford) moved down into Edgefield District near her brother Freeman Hardy and his wife Sarah Rutherford who had also left Union District. About 1810 Freeman and his wife went to GA. About 1817 Susannah and husband, as well as Robert Hardy,who was still single, left for Alabama to buy land. On the way they picked up Freeman Hardy who was living in GA still. The Gordons also came- they were from another prominent Lunenburg VA family.

Robert Hardy may have lived in a similar house with his parents John and Ann not so far away in the community north of Cambelltown called New Richmond, Edgefield District SC. They may have bought an undamaged house in 1784 with their property. No one seems to know. Robert Hardy came to SC as a baby from Lunenburg VA with his parents to the Edgefield District of Old 96th two years before his uncle Thomas who supposedly arrived in 1786 from Lunenburg VA to the Tyger River area in Newberry District SC -- both districts were part of the Old 96th before 1790. I could speculate that Thomas came with his brother John Hardy and stayed in John's house for a couple years till he found something suitable which ended up being in Newberry. However, an eyewitness to the time in the form of Susannah Hardy ALWAYS claimed she was born in SC in 1780. This would mean that Thomas was in the area the last couple years of the Revolutionary War, a dangerous time in SC. His would have stayed with relatives from 1780 to 1786 when he bought the house.

John Hardy and Ann probably would have travelled by horseback (and wagon), in the same fashion, as is reported in the book above, his brother Thomas Hardy did from Virginia along the Philadelphia Road which went all the way to GA and on to Fort Miegs in AL.
John´s property was near the Savannah River off Big Stephens Creek and on Sweetwater Creek. I believe they also owned a large tract of Pine Woods which was actually on the Savannah River and would have been river upwards of Augusta GA on the SC side.

John Hardy had bought land in 1784 near which is only a few miles off the road which is now route # 1 near Aiken, SC. It was only a few miles from Augusta GA and it was on the eastern side of Big Stephens Creek. The area was founded by a man from Virginia and called new Richmond. Robert Hardy and his wife Nancy Peebles Browning both immigrated to Montgomery Co AL where they met and married in 1823. Nancy came with her parents in a wagon from Greene Co GA not so far from Edgefield actually.

Robert´s cousin Susannah Hardy and her husband Stephen Crenshaw went to Alabama with Robert Hardy 1819-1820. Although Robert had been before to by land. He paid taxes on the land in 1818 in Montgomery Co as it called then.
Robert Hardy's portion of Montgomery AL got cut off to become partly Lowndes County.

Robert's cousin in law Stephen Crenshaw was the son of Robert Crenshaw
(also "Greenshaw") and Elizabeth Beuford who lived in the Tyger River area where Susannah's father Thomas Hardy settled. In 1830 Lowndes is a Freeman Crenshaw who moved on to Mississippi and I have no idea who he is. On an 1830 census page with Susannah Crenshaw (Mrs. Crenshaw) is Freeman Hardy her brother and Daniel Hardy-- her cousin and brother to Robert Hardy--- as well as William Francis Browning, Robert's brother in law.

Edgefield in 1825 when the Hardys had their first son John B. Hardy. After this year they moved permanently to Alabama where William Allen Lansing Hardy was born about 1827 in Haynesville, Lowndes Co. In about 1837 the family moved north to Coosa county where the climate was healthier for those who had suffered malaria in Lowndes near the swamps.

Stephen Crenshaw was a surveyor and a Revolutionary soldier, with a large family, stores and stock, etc., and moved from Edgefield District, S.C.. He entered the land known today as Lowndes County (Hayneville), cutting the roads and bridges as they moved. Like Robert, he may have also still owned land in SC. Nancy stayed the first years in SC where she had the luxury of a home. After marrying her, Robert Hardy had taken Nancy back to his plantation in Edgefield SC where she gave birth to John B. Hardy in 1825. Robert pendled back and forth between his land in Lowndes and his plantation in Edgefield, and Robert spent time clearing land and building in Loundesboro, until finally1828, he sold everything in Edgefield. See document below. They had probably lived a long distance marriage between 1823 and 1826 with slaves helping them in both Alabama and in Edgefield. William ALlen Lansing Hardy, their second son was born in Lowndes in 1827. According to OUR FATHERS FIELDS, the Hardys worked side by side with their slaves in those early generations and I imagine his slaves helped him build a home for Nancy in Lowndesboro. On the 1st January 1828 Robert and Nancy sold the last of their land in Edgefield. (See doc. below) .
Map of antebellum Lowndes before the Rebellion where the family can
be seen in the 1830 census with 4 boys and a wife.
Stephen Crenshaw
was dead already 10 years by that time. Robert kept his Edgefield
property for 10 years and traveled back and forth from SC to AL.
I imagine that the slaves were such a trusted part of the family that
Robert could leave them alone to work while he was gone. The Hardy
attitude was a little different than was popularly known. The slaves
wore the same homespun clothing that the Hardys did. Everything
was made at home and all food was also shared as well, at least in the first decades of the 1800s.

Billy Parker says,
” The travel in that time period was S.C. through Ga. down the old federal
road into lower Al. The upper part of AL was still Creek Indian
territory. Dallas Co. became
part of Al. in 1818 and Coosa Co. Al. in 1832
when the Creek Indians ceded the upper part of
Al. to the U S Gov.
The Hardy clan followed the movement of the western territory as it
became part of the federal gov. land.”

To the left is the first page about the founding families of Lowndes and how they lived as settlers in virgin forests of the Indians. The Indians were friendly in Lowndes. The other pages sent to me by Billy Parker are below. Mentioned are the Hardys, the Meadows, and especially the Crenshaws because they lost an 8 year old right away. His name was Robert. The Stephen Crenshaw family of Old 96th District were kin to the sons of John Hardy and Ann Williams. The Crenshaws had also originated in Lunenburg VA.

When they left for Alabama, Susannah probably visited her siblings Mary, Phoebe and Freeman who had settled in Georgia. 1850 in Hayneville, Lowndes Co. Susannah lived with her daughter Susan Caroline Crenshaw who married a John Hardy from Vermont. In 1850 Susan´s father and husband were dead and she had 8 slaves to help with the work which probably belonged to her mother and partly her husband.

Unfortunately her father Stephen died of exposure reportedly in 1821. From the looks of this census he died later than 1821 because Susannah has an under 5 year old-of course it could be an orphaned grandchild. Stephen either fell from a horse and was too injured to move or he fell into one of the rivers during his road making. He was buried in the woods in Lowndes County at what is now Hayneville in back of the church and where later the grammer school was and finally Dreighten's Warehouse. Afterwards a Methodist Church was built near his grave. Later others were buried there and was enclosed by brick wall and was kept by his daughter Susan Crenshaw Hardy (widow Hardy) and by the grandson "Dr. Henry L. Whipple, of Montgomery. During the War Between the States the graves were neglected and later were sold and a warehouse marks the place. It is at Hayneville, Dreighman's Warehouse. A relative of Susan Crenshaw Hardy was a Mrs. Hardy who was 87 years old in 1927. Mrs. Hardy remembers seeing part of Stephen Crenshaw´s Revolutionary uniform, knee buckles, coat and pants which had been saved by the family. She saw these things at Hayneville. He was a private. Mrs. Hardy´s mother's name was Baby Ruth Queen Victoria. Mrs. Hardy was living in 1927 with her daughter at Stone's Tank, AL."

Ransom Meadows Ante-bellum mansion in Loundesboro-click to enlarge- where Robert Hardý daughter in law Mary lived with her grandfather Ransom Meadows till he moved north near the Robert Hardy family. They were in different counties but not but a few miles down the road. About the time Mary´s grandfather moved up to Tallapoosa to escape the malaria and swampland, Robert Hardy died on 9 may 1843 as a result of a long battle with his health probably as a result of having caught malaria but surviving. This malaria problem was the reason Ransom Meadows moved northward , as well as Robert Hardy who may have also lost a boy to the sickness. But Ransom lost 3 boys, one the father of Mary who married Robert´s son William A. L. and Robert W.. I am sure that Ransom Meadows must have attended his funeral at Old Shiloh Church near Nixburg. Ransom lived at Fishpond on the Tallapoosa side of the river only a few miles away.

When the Robert Hardy family settled in the 1820s in Hayneville, they were considered "Blue Bloods" of Virginia and the Ransom Meadows family were rich for their day. This probably put them in the same social class. Robert Hardy´s Nancy Peebles Browning had been born 5 June 1804 in Greene Co. GA, and some of Ransom´s children were born in Greene Co., so their acquaintance may have had seeds in Greene Co . Odd that the Meadows family had lived also on a Stephens Creek in Greene/Wilkes/Taliaferro County GA. Many people think that Nancy came from Thomas County GA but this is false. The 2 counties are at least a hundred miles apart and have nothing to do with each other. There are no records for her family in Thomas Co in South Georgia. Thomas County GA is where the family of Radford Browning settled. E. F. Browning in his book mixed up Radford Browning with John Browning and combined them as one man, a common mistake in genealogy. There is a falsified list of children mad e for an application for DAR membership in 1954 Arkansas using the 1847 Bible/Family Book 1953 "transcription" which is a manipulation of dates and Nancy´s marriage to fit the E.F. Browning book.
Cindy Stamps sent me these sheets from the US and that is her notation on
the Bible Title sheet. Nancy Peebles Browning
´s birth is recorded
in the 1803
Philadelphia bible belonging to her parents, as well as is her
death and Robert´s death. There is another Bible which was owned by
The Boazman family. It was published in 1847 and they copied material
from the 1803 Bible, but changed the date of Nancy Peebles´s marriage,
making it 2 years earlier. Seems they did this to legitimize the birth of Daniel
who married Nancy Sorrell. But Daniel was not Nancy´s child, so this fudging
was not necessary. Daniel is not mentioned in the estate papers of John who
died in 1844 nor Nancy Browning,nor is he mentioned in the will of William
who died in Alabama. I speculate he is William´s child by a first marriage
and that William may have already provided for him and thus he is not
mentioned in his will in 1832 AL.

The first 3 lines of the transcription left are not really an honest transcription because it is obviously a false statement inserted by the transcriber since the Bible was not even published till 1803 and probably did not make its way to GA till 1804. By that time John and Elizabeth Demarest were dead. So it could not have belonged to them. As for the first line under marriages, that is also in question because the first three lines have damaged the credibility of the transcription. It is possible that "Radford" was not even written there and was also inserted by Mrs. Ferig at Arkadelphia Library in 1954 when the "transcription" was made for a DAR application. There are also other dates and names inserted in other pages of the 1847 Bible which I have not included. I have only loaded the pages which concern Nancy Peebles Browning and her children--but not the page which was written by Mrs. Ferig which inserts children not belonging to Nancy and changed birth dates in order to do it. Summing up then, of the pages I have pictured here, only the first four lines on the first page of the 1803 Bible are in question.

Here is Carol Golowka´s email: Golowka to Stacey Burns. :

"ALL evidence shows that John did NOT have the name Radford. This comes from a book that is chocked full of errors called "Genealogy of the Brownings in America from 1621 to 1908," by Edwin Franklin Browning, A.M. It has the wrong children for John and Nancy Browning. New evidence shows that John and Nancy were most likely married in Caswell Co., NC. John's father, John, went to Greene Co., GA with his second wife, Susannah (not John, Jr.'s mother) and his children followed."

Daniel Browning born 1790 NC came to Montgomery Co in 1803 with his parents
but went to Thomas Co when it opened in 1825. Since Elizabeth is his
daughter, the other Thomas County Browning marriage's may be his children too.
Elizabeth married Book Gandy in 1835. Radford Browning also moved from Montgomery to Thomas when it opened up in 1825. Was he Daniel s father? I think so. This Daniel is confused with the one in the John Browning Bible. One Daniel married Nancy Sorrell in Green Co. The other married Honor Grace in Montomery Co GA or Tatnell and moved to Thomas Co.
1820 Montgomery Co. GA
Radford Browning had the following in the household:
2 males under 10, 2 males of 10 and under 16, 1 male between 16 and 18,
one male of 45 and up, 1 female under 10, and 2 females of 26 and 45.
1830 Thomas County
Radford Browning, age between 70 and 80.
With him are a male of 10 and under 15, a male of 15 and under 20, 2 males
of 20 and under 30, a female 0f 10 and under 15, and a female of 50 to 60.
This has to be be the same Radford. The ages of the children and wife
24 1 Browning Daniel pg0024.txt born 1790 in NC according to 1850 census
24 2 Browning Radford pg0024.txt
26 2 Browning William pg0024.txt
1850 Thomas Co census
51b 36 Browning Daniel 60 NC pg0042b.txt

Here are the marriage in Thomas Co-
BROWNING, Daniel & TRULOCK, (Luah)Sarah Feb 7, 1827
BROWNING, John & JOHNSON Elizabeth 2 April 1829
BROWNING, Caroline & ADAMS Denis 9th May 1831
BROWNING, John FERRELL,Eunice Feb 14,1833
BROWNING, Elizabeth & GANDY, A. Book Nov 16, 1835
BROWNING, William & AVERETTE Miss Martha 16th of January 1839
BROWNING, David B. & TISON (Tyson?), Sarah December 14, 1842
BROWNING, Simpson & AVERETTE, Miss Elizabeth M. L. A. 19th May 1842
"History of Thomas County, Georgia" by Irwin MacIntyre; 1923
This small, 55 page unindexed book is located at the Thomasville Cultural
Center Library, 600 E. Washington St, Thomasville, Georgia
Preface states "The following is to a large extent taken from contributions
heretofore made to the Times-Enterprise under the misnomer 'History of
Thomas County'. W. Irwin MacIntyre. Thomasville, Ga., July 1, 1923."
Indexed by Janet Cook, copyright 199?
Browning, Daniel, 16, 51, 53
J.C., 23, 25
Jno., 40
John, 7
John C., 38, 53
Joshia, 40
Joshua, 40
Simpson, 52
William, 53

Two men have probably been combined to form the mythical John Radford Browning. Maybe they are John Browning b. 1767 who settled in Greene Co GA for awhile and Radford Browning b. 175? who settled in Thomas Co. GA. Corky Swanson took notes back in 1964 from the Francis John Browning and Sarah Veazey family Bible.
1860: Anderson, Clark, Arkansas
Post Office: Genoa
F J Browning 59 GA died Sept 1, 1885
S P Browning 55 GA Sarah died 27 April 1875 age 70
J V Browning 16 ARK (named after his uncle John Vincent Browning)

Corky Swanson is probably the only living person in America who can recall seeing an original Browning family Bible with John´s name in it. Here is what she has to say:

24. Januar 2007, 05:27:45 Uhr
> Re: AW: John Browning Bible 1847 Bible transriptions and other data
>In my earlier message, I stated that "The bible was published in 1830 and
>belonged to Frances John Browning and his wife Sarah Veazey. The entries
>are probably made by Sarah since her death is recorded in a different>handwriting than the earlier entries. When I said an insert I should have
>said a section in the Bible. It was part of the original the bible when it
>was printed. It was in the middle of the bible instead of in the
>front. Most of the front of the bible was missing and there were some
>loose pages, but the section that recorded marriages, deaths, births, etc.
>was not loose. I looked back at my notes. The Bible was old and
>yellowed and many of the pages were quite brittle. The entries were not
>clear. I actually transcribed the entry original as John Redsson
> Browning, May 3, 1844. My Grandmother later told me that in old
>records the ss was probably an f. [The opposite is true an sf is an ss.]
>When I continued to see the name John Radford Browning,
> I decided that I had made a transcription error. The Bible
>passed to their daughter Nancy Peebles Browning, to her son Miles Lou
>Daniel. I do not know what happened to any of "Uncle Loyds'" family. Or
>to the Bible. Oh how I wish I had had a zerox machine back then. The
>second entry on the death page was Nathan Peebles Browning December 04,
>1845. and the third was Phoebe Boring July 30, 1857. The last two entries
>were Nancy Browning, July 03, 1868. and Sara Veazey February 01,
>1871. There were other entries but were too yellowed and faded to
>read. On the Marriages page and the Births pages, only bits and pieces of
>names were legible. I did not mean to imply that I was trying to prove
>John's middle name--just an explanation of how I came about using it in my
>records. I have removed the Radford and the changes should show up
>eventually on Rootsweb. My name is Corky and I am female and 64 years old.

Redsson may mean Radison or might be a mispelling of what is usually Ritson/Writson in the Browning family of Virgina or Maryland. There was allot of commerce between Baltimore, Maryland and Philadelphia, so the 1803 Bible might have been brought in Maryland as a present for John Brownings. Nancy Peebles Browning was the daughter of John Browning and wife Nancy Peebles, daughter of Nathan Peebles. John Browning was born in Caswell NC and came to Greene Co GA, maybe with his father who died there November 1803. Nancy and John may also have been married in Caswell NC.

Nancy and Robert Hardy left Lowndes County and moved to Coosa County about 1837 to improve Robert´s health, as the swampy climate near Hayneville/Lowndesboro was too wet and full of mosquitoes and he had probably contracted malaria but survived. Ransom Meadows followed after 1842. Stephen, Thomas, and Jerry Meadows had died after 1840 and that was the last straw for Ransom. These deaths broke Ransom´s heart and he decided to get out of swampy Lowndes before more of his beloved children died. He left the plantation in the care of his son William and followed Robert Hardy northward. Robert had moved to Coosa since about 1837 because iof his own health. The land Ransom bought was on the Tallapoosa County side of the Coosa river at Fish Pond and was only a few miles from Nixburg in Coosa Co. where the Robert Hardy family lived. The two families continued to associate and intermarry.

Five of Nancy Peebles Browning Hardy´s (later Bankston) children married 4 of Ransom´s children and grand children. Later, Nancy´s second husband James Madison Bankston married Ransom´s daughter Elizabeth after her first husband John B. Hardy died. Elizabeth states in the 1900 census that she has been married 35 years and has one child (Robert R. Hardy) who is dead. This would mean that she married James Madison Bankston in 1865, if it is true. Since the family has an approximate death for her first husband John B. Hardy as 1868, this could mean he actually died in 1865-maybe in the Civil War. But it would also mean that Nancy Peebles Browning Hardy and James Madison Bankston divourced.

The connection between the Robert Hardy family who came from Edgefield SC and settled in Alabama and the Ransom Meadows family who came from Warren NC thru Greene Co GA to Lowndes and Coosa counties Alabama and the importance of Nancy Peebles Browning in the Ransom Meadows descendancy is revealed here.
Nancy Peebles Browning was the mother of Mary Ann Elizabeth Hardy who married Milous Meadows, Ransom`s son. Nancy was also the mother of John B. Hardy -b. 1825 Edgefield Co SC -who married Elizabeth Jane Meadows- b April 1827 Lowndes Co AL, and she was the mother of Robert W. Hardy and William Allan Lansing Hardy who both married Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows, daughter of Stephen Meadows, son of Ransom Meadows. John, William A.L., Mary Ann Elizabeth and Robert W. HARDY were children by her first marriage to Robert Hardy born 1782 in Lunenburg VA who lived near Hamburg, Edgefield Co SC before leaving for Alabama before 1818, although he kept property in Edgefield thru January 1828.

Nancy's brother Nathan Peebles Browning doctor bills in Houston Texas

Ransom Meadows Dick (a grandson of Ransom Middleton Meadows) served in the Confederate Calvary (military records), then married Nancy Browning Bankston at Coosa Co in 1865. Nancy was the daughter of Nancy Peebles Browning by her second marriage to James Madison Bankston. James´ sister Louisa Bankston married Allen Alonzo Hardy, son of Nancy Browning Hardy Bankston. They were married by his father Joseph Bankston who was the minister at Primitive Fish Pond Baptist.
Right is map of SC and part of GA during the Civil War.
What I wonder is why there is this persistent telling of Indian heritage in the Meadows family. I find none. I am not sure how Ransom earned a living and I speculate how much of his wealth was tied up with dealings in Indian lands, maybe sold to him in order to protect his many Indian contacts. Speculation: maybe he bought whole villages so that they could be "hidden" there on their ancient land. Where he lived was the middle of the Creek Nation. Mary Meadows was supposed to have been Creek Indian, but this is not correct for we know Ransom, Stephen´s father, was not Indian. Did the family just enjoy to sit on a porch summer nights and make up these tales to amuse the children?
Here is the evidence that Robert Hardy was born in VA and not Edgefield SC.  His son William
Allen Lansing Hardy states in 1880 that his father was born in VA. William was the second oldest
child and had always been the one responsible in the family, so he would have been most aware of
the details in his family. Whereas his younger brother Richard or Richard´s wife in the 1880
census says his parents are both born SC- well they CAME from there but neither were BORN
there. Nancy was born in Greene Co GA and Robert in Lunenburg VA.

1880 census: Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

William L. HARDY Self M Male W 52 AL Farmer VA GA
Mary HARDY Wife M Female W 48 GA Keeping House GA GA
Susan HARDY Dau S Female W 20 AL Out Employment AL GA
Stephen (Ransom) HARDY Son S Male W 18 AL At Home AL GA
Nathan HARDY Son S Male W 16 AL At Home AL GA
John (R.) HARDY Son S Male W 14 AL At Home AL GA
Didemy HARDY Dau S Female W 11 AL At Home AL GA
Dorah HARDY Dau S Female W 9 AL At Home AL GA
Louisa HARDY Dau S Female W 7 AL At Home AL GA
Alan HARDY Son S Male W 5 AL At Home AL GA
Charles HARDY Son S Male W 1 AL At Home AL GA

Source Information: Census Place Lewis, Coosa, Alabama

1st tombstone of Nancy Peebles Browning Hardy Bankston
who was born
5 June 1804 Greene Co., GA but it says 1800
because maybe it was not polite to ask a woman´s age in
those days, so nobody knew or maybe this old tombstone was
a second tombstone and the people could not remember the
date on the original tombstone. It also says Hardy,
even though she was married January 1846 to James Bankston.
I speculate that they divorced because James Bankston´s
new wife Elizabeth Meadows (widow of John B.Hardy)
in 1900 that they have been married 35 years (since 1865)
which makes Nancy married 19 years to Bankston before they
parted their ways.
Photo was taken by Fred Perkins for
a Hardy renunion and distributed to family members.

Nancy B. Hardy
Wife of
Robert Hardy
Born 1800
Died March 30, 1870
Age 70 Years

2nd Tombstone Nancy Peebles Browning:

2nd (maybe even the 3rd) Tombstone of Nancy Browning Hardy
at Richard Covington Hardy home place in Dollar, Coosa County,
Al (about 3 miles SE of Ham Lewis Cemetery).
Field data recorded on 4 Sep 1981 by Ethel Perkins, Childersburg, Al.

NOTE: This tombstone found by directions from Ethel (Wamick)
Hammond, granddaughter of Richard Covington Hardy and Rutha
Elizabeth (Works) Hardy. According to Ethel Hammond, this is the grave
of Nancy (Browning) Hardy. They settled near Nixburg, Coosa
County, Al. Nancy was visiting her son Richard at the time she
became sick and died. Bad weather (possibly spring flood?)
prevented him taking his mother home for burial. There have been
at least 2 tombstones. I have a photo copy of the first which says Nancy B. Hardy.
This one says Nancy Browning Hardy. The birth date put in as 1800 was based on the first tombstone
saying she was "age 70 years." She was not 70, however, and was only 65 when she died, having
been born June 5, 1804 in Greene Co GA to John Radford Browning and Nancy Peebles (both of
whose fathers have proven Revolutionary Service).

Nancy Browning Hardy
Wife of
Robert Hardy
Born 1800 [5 June 1804]
Died Mar. 30, 1870 Age 70 Years

1830 Lowndes Co AL
Ransom Meadows Lowndes, Alabama
D M Browning Lowndes, Alabama
Daniel Browning Lowndes, Alabama
Francis J Browning Lowndes, Alabama
John Browning (father of Nancy P.Browning, William Frederick
Browning and Martha Browning who married Daniel Hogan) Lowndes, Alabama

William Browning Lowndes, Alabama
William F Browning Lowndes, Alabama
1840 Nixburg, Coosa Co AL
Danl Hogan Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama
Robt Hardy Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama
Allen Hardy Tallapoosa, Alabama
1840 Lowndes
J R Browning Lowndes, Alabama -Joseph Browning another family
Isham Meadows Lowndes, Alabama

Ransom Meadows Lowndes, Alabama before he moved up to Fishpond, Tallapoosa Co,
across from Nixburg, Coosa Co

Stephen Meadows Lowndes, Alabama This is "Steve" who died of fever, son of Ransom .
(Stephen was the father of Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows. Mary´s uncle Moses Meadows
posted bond for her marriage to Robert W. Hardy 25 September 1848 and they
married 28 September.)

A Petition was filed in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, 18 January 1873,
by Gilbert Meadows.
To the Hon. Allen D. Sturdevant, Judge of the Probate for said county:
"Gilbert Meadows, a resident citizen of said county over age twenty-one years.
He stated that Ransom Meadows, late of said county, decd., died owning
352 acres off the west side of Section 20, Township 22, Range 21, in
said county, with other lands. After the death of Ransom Meadows, the
said lands above were set apart as the dower of the widow of Ransom,
Sarah Meadows, who has since departed this life 3 November 1872
leaving real estate unadministered. Petition further states that the
following named persons are the children and heirs at law of Ransom
Meadows: (1) Mary Dick over 21 years old and resides in Pickens(?) County, Alabama;
(2) William Meadows over 21 years old and resides in Lowndes County, Alabama;
(3) adix Elias Meadows over 21 years old and resides in Pike [Polk] County, Texas;
(4) Moses Meadows of lawful age and resides in Coosa County, Alabama;
(5) adix Elizabeth Bankston over 21 years of age and resides somewhere in
the State of Georgia, but petitioner is not informed as to her county;
(6) Milas Meadows over 21 years residing in Coosa County, Alabama;
(7) Stephen Meadows who is now decd., leaving surviving him Mary Hardy who is
of lawful age and resides in Coosa County, Alabama;
(8) Martha Farris who is also decd., leaving surviving her June Boss(?)
and Francis Farris all of whom are of lawful age and reside in Coosa County, Alabama;
(9) Sarah Ogletree who died leaving surviving her John & Thomas Ogletree
over the age of 21 years – John resides in said county and state,
Thomas having died last resided in Coosa County, Alabama leaving
surviving him Daniel, Sidney, and Elizabeth Ogletree all under fourteen years
of age;
(10) Petitioner Gilbert Meadows who is of lawful age and residing in
said county and state. Petitioner shows that all the above mentioned heirs
at law & children of Ransom Meadows are joint owners and tenants in common
in said lands above described and have each a one tenth interest in said lands.
Lands cannot be equitably & fairly divided without a sale of same."
Nancy Peebles Browning´s father:

From: Cindy Stamps
Obituary of John Browning from The Arkansas Gazette, 19 June, 1844, p.
3, col. 1, found at the Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives,
Washington, Arkansas; copied by hand, as there was no printer.

Died at his residence, Walnut Grove, Clark County, Arkansas, John
Browning in his 77th year. He was born in Caswell County, North
Carolina, on the 17th day of May, A. D. 1767; married at the age of 25
years; joined the Baptist Church at the age of 35, at Shiloh, Greene
County, Georgia; three months afterward was ordained deacon of the
church, the duties of which office he faithfully discharged during the
remainder of his pilgrimage on earth. At the age of 46, he entered the
army of General Floyd in the Creek Indian War as Captain of a volunteer
company. He performed an active part in the battles of Autasee and

Colebee. In the latter he had the honor of bleeding for his
country. In 1814, he was a member of the legislature of Georgia. In
1819, he removed to Alabama; in 1822, was a member of the legislature
of that state. He has been a member of 34 associations and more than
once moderator. In 1840, he emigrated to Arkansas, where he died 3 May
1844--a member of the Baptist Church at Mt. Bethel. The subject of this
notice was brought up in the distressing times of the American
Revolution. Consequently, he had not the advantages of a liberal
education; yet, his superiority of mind enabled him to discharge high
and important offices, in both church and state. He was of a lively and
cheerful disposition; always seemed desirous of making those happy
about him; plain in his manner; as a citizen, patriotic; as a neighbor,
obliging; as a parent, kind and indulgent; and as a companion, very
affectionate. He has left a companion, several children, and numerous
relations and friends to mourn the loss of so good a man. But one great
consolation they have, he died as he lived, in peace with mankind and
with his Maker. He has fulfilled the great end of his being and gone
hence to adorn the shiny courts of heaven.

"Softly his fainting head he lay

Upon his Saviour's breast;

His Maker soothed his soul away,

And laid his flesh to rest."

Robert Hardy and Nancy Peebles Browning had 4 boys by 1830 Lowndes Co census.
Lowndes had been cut out of old Montgomery Co where they had married in 1823.
One boy must have died. Robert was 22 years older than his wife. When he died Nancy
11 Jan 1846 to a man 10 years her junior (James Madison Bankston b 1815 SC)
she had one more child- little Nancy Browning Bankston born Autumn 1846. Little Nancy
married Ransom Meadows Dick. He had come back from Union Co., LA with his mother
Mary Meadows to his grandfather´s- Ransom Meadows house at Fish Pond between 1854 and 1858.
Mary had remarried a Sanders but was without him in the 1860 census and still had her $5000 in gold given
her by her husband Robert L. Dick before he left for Texas to start a new life. This was the
story handed down by his descendants. Was she supposed to wait for him in Alabama? Mary´s daughters
stayed behind in LA and both their husbands fought in the Civil War and died as a result.

8 surviving children of Robert Hardy and Nancy Browning are:

1. John B. Hardy b 1825 SC m. Elizabeth Jane MEADOWS,her father was Ransom Meadows
whose family also moved from Lownded to Coosa/Tallapoosa inside of old Coosa territory
when it was opened up. Elizabeth Jane Meadows was b ca 1827. She had one son Robert R.
Hardy. By June 1870 census she had remarried to James Madison Bankston, her former
step father in law who had been married to her first husband´s mother Nancy Browning
Hardy who had remarried in January 1846. Nancy died however on March 30, 1870 on
the plantation of her son Richard Covington Hardy. 3 months later her widower husband
James Bankston had remarried. John may have died in the Civil War. His son Robert R.
also disappears.

The following section is a long list since William A. L. had 10 children and
I have more information, so try not to be confused because the other children
continued down below where I note the continuation.
2.William Allen Lansing Hardy b.  1827 in Lowndesboro, Lowndes Co Alabama m. Mary Ann
Elizabeth MEADOWS Hardy after his brother Robert W. (Jr.) died. William A L Hardy
farmed, owned a grist mill and was postmaster of Dollar post office Coosa Co. in 1890.
In 1894 his brother
Richard took over. That may mark the year of his death.
Ransom Meadows´son Stephen Meadows´s only child was Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows
who married 1st Robert W. Hardy 28th Sept. 1848 and had 3 sons by him,
leaving her a widow with three boys.
After he died she married his older brother William Allan Lansing Hardy and had
10 more children.

Hardy, William A. L.
Comments: The gender of William A. L. Hardy is male.
Spouse: Mary Hardy
Marriage Date: Nov 10, 1853
County: Coosa
Notes: This record can be found in the County Court Records, Film # 1290263 -

They lived originally near Dollar, after leaving Nixburg-
where his father lived- and had a mill on the Coosa River.
I am not sure of what happened. He may have been living near
Nancy his mother across from the old Homestead, but sold it after she
died so the proceeds could be divided. It was probably complicated
since I think she may have divorced James Bankston. I wonder
what court records there are.

a. Mary Susan HARDY b: ABT 1857/1858 Marriage to Charles J Lewis-5 Mar 1884 Coosa, Alabama Performed by Name: D J Boles Need information.
b. Sarah A. HARDY b: 1859 in Cossa Territory, Dollar, Alabama m 3 JAN 1878 George Edward Latiker b: 1851 in Rockford, Coosa Need information.
c. Nathan HARDY b:
1864 Lewis, Coosa, Al died by 1900 unless he is also the black boy in Dallas and Lowndes Counties from 1870 onward-is he also the black boy the family said Stephen raised?
d. Stephen Ransom HARDY b: 30 Oct 1862 in Coosa County, Al died September 28, 1931 Jefferson Co. AL
1st m. Ada
MeHerg b. 6 APR 1867 in Coosa Co.
Spouse 1: Stephen Hardy Spouse 2: Ada Meherg Marriage Date: 06 Mar 1884
Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: D. J. Boles
,Child: Willis Archibald HARDY married Lila Alley. descendant of Thomas K. Taliaferro Alley 2nd m. Etta Caladonia Meherg 9 Feb 1893 Spouse 1: S. R. Hardy Spouse 2: Callie Meherg Marriage Date: 09 Feb 1893 Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: J. D. Hughes (d/o Willis William Archibald MeHarg and Sarah Elizabeth Perkins) Child: Etta Caladonia Hardy b 27 February 1894, died 7 July 1992 married 30 March 1917 in Jefferson Co to James Thomas Jefferson Sellers, s/o Amanda Grace Sims and William Simpson Sellers.
3rd m.
Emma B. Lowery was the d/o George Marvin Lowery b: 8 AUG 1851 in GA.(Probably Campbell CO.) and Sarah Jane Blocker b: 1 JAN 1852 Married: 19 AUG 1870 in Coosa Co
Father: William Wilkie Lowery b: 16 JUL 1810 in GA
Mother: Nancy Agnes Dodd b: 7 SEP 1810 in Georgia
1860: Southern Division, Talladega, Alabama
Post Office: Bluff Springs
William W Lowry 50 GA
Nancy Lowry 49 GA
James Lowry 20 GA

Edmond Lowry 17 GA
William Lowry 14 GA
George Lowry 9 GA
Nancy Lowry 5 AL
Thomas Lowry 1 AL

1870 Lewis, Coosa, AL -this is WW Hardy and Emma they first got to know each other
House 32
William Lowery abt 1847 Alabama White Male
M A Lowery abt 1849 Alabama White Female
J F Lowery abt 1867 Alabama White Male
W P Lowery abt 1869 Alabama White Male
House 33
W W Lowery abt 1811 Georgia White Male
Nancy Lowery abt 1811 Georgia White Female
G M Lowery abt 1851 Georgia White Male
N J Lowery abt 1856 Alabama White Female
1880: Syllacogga, Talladega, Alabama
George M. Lowry 28 AL GA GA
Sarah Lowry 25 AL GA AL
Louisa Lowry 5
Walter Lowry 4
Emma B. Lowry 6 M
I have Emma and Stephen´s Marriage Certificate copy-
Children (the first child is named after his first wife, poor Emma, and the the other children I have no idea where they dug them up because nobody in the family had those names)
1. Ada D HARDY b: 1902 in AL
2. Talmadge S HARDY b: 1904 in AL

Ruby A HARDY b: 1907 in AL
Chester B HARDY b: 1909 in AL
5. Roy H HARDY b: 1913 in ALb: 8 Sep 1865 died 14 MAR 1927 in White City, Autauga m 5

continued list of William A.L. Hardy´s children from above-
John Richard HARDY (with first 2 children in picture below) b: December 1865 m. 1st Martha “Mattie” E. Sellers Martha Esther SELLERS b: 29 Apr 1870 2nd Elmira Lambert
e. continued down below

Photo of John Richard HARDY and Elmira from Billy Parker
Spouse 1: J. R. Hardy Spouse 2: M. E. Sellers Marriage Date: 08 Jan 1891 Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: Wm. Meadows She died when she was 24 years old after giving birth to Elbert L. HARDY July 1893 (went later to Fla). Her first child was Luzinka E. HARDY Nov 1891 (lived later in hayleville, walker co. al. Elmira Catherine Lambert b 2 JUN 1877 died 21 JUN 1953 they had 7 children;1-Stanley Clifton Hardy 2-Clinton Swinton Hardy 3-Ethel Olivia Hardy(deans mother) 4-Audice Mayo Hardy 5-Maxwell "Maxel" Alton Hardy b: 25 NOV 1914 in Haleyville, Franklin Co 6-Margie Velma Hardy 7-Clovis Abcie Hardy. pronounced Clovis ABC Hardy.

Billy Parker says,"there is a story in the name Abcie Hardy, Her sis. had abc doll ,she called it. Abcie doll (pronounced A B Cie) when her sis was born she talk her mother in naming her after the doll. Clovis Abcie Hardy."

1900: 13th June Spearman, Shelby, Alabama
John R Hardy 34 Dec 1865 farmer
Lezinka E Hardy 8 Dec 1891
Elbert L Hardy 6 July 1893
Stephen R Hardy 37 b Oct 1862 farm labor
Emma Hardy 21 May 1879 no children yet, just married
Willis Hardy 14 Feb 1886
Callie Hardy 5 Feb 1895

Houston Hardy 18 Oct 1881
Allen A Hardy 25 April 1875 farmer
William Smith 18 Oct 1881 farm labor

1910: 20th April Newburg, Franklin, Alabama
Samual F Hardy 33 married 4 years
Mattie R Hardy 24

Lena R Hardy 3
Freddie J Hardy 1 0/12
John R Hardy 43 married 4 years

Elmira C Hardy 32 3 children 2 still alive
Lasinka E Hardy 18
Elbert L Hardy 16

Stanley C Hardy 2
Clinton S Hardy 6/12

1920: Fixico, Coosa, Alabama
26-27 January Adams Ferry Rd 52/52
George A Mc Herg 33
Lucy Mc Herg 33
Elzie C Mc Herg 10
Cletis May Mc Herg 8
George D Mc Herg 4
Gladys A Mc Herg 1 10/12

Didema F Mc Herg 51 indexed as Dianna
Willie M Mc Herg 19
Mary E Mc Herg 16
Estella Mc Herg 13
Viola Mc Herg 11
Letha May Mc Herg 9
Miles M. Hardy 22 AL (who is this?)
Susie T.Hardy 26 AL
William S. Hardy 2 6/12 AL
William E Parker 30 (Billy Parker´s father)
Ella B Parker 26
Ida B Parker 9
Harald W Parker 7
Trudy M Parker 5
Myrtle L Parker 2 3/12
John R Hardy 53 Farmer all born AL
Elmira C Hardy 42

Stanley C Hardy 11
Clinton S Hardy 10
Ethel O Hardy 8
Ottis M Hardy 6
Maxwell A Hardy 5

Margie V Hardy 3 11/12
Alice C Hardy 3/12

1930: Alexander City, Tallapoosa, Alabama
Rockford Rd 35/38
John R Hardy 65 all b AL does not work

Elmira C Hardy 52
S Hardy 20 works in cotton mill
Autis M Hardy 17 works in cotton mill
Maxwell A Hardy 15
Maggie V Hardy 13
A Cloves Hardy 10

Right-Picture of Otis Hardy s/o John R. Hardy at her school in Alexander City in old unidentified book.

26. March 2007,
John Richard Hardys grand. daughter, Dean "Miller" Jones comes to the Hardy reunion each year. Johnny married Mattie E Sellers. They had 2 children, Luzinka & Elbert. Several years ago, elbert came to the hardy reunion--he was living in Fla., I think, but he has died. We went to see Luzinka´s daughters 2 years ago. They live in Winston Co. AL. My mother often spoke of Luzinka.after Matties death. Johnny R. married her cousin, Elmira Catherine Lambert. Elmira & Johnny had 7 children--one was Dean Jones´ mother. Dean said she lived most of her teen year with her g parents. Johnny & Elmira are buried in the Pine Grove Ceme. in Coosa Co. Johnnys head stone- b-1865 d-1930, Elmira- b-1878 d-1953. Dora Hardy married J.A Jones 25 Nov.1888 in Coosa Co. Billy Parker“

PINE GROVE CEMETARY EQUALITY (south of Nixburg area) AL. list of Hardy and Sellers:
John R. Hardy 1865 -- 1930 Elmira C. Hardy 1878 -- 1953
Mattie Sellers Hardy April 29, 1870 -- Dec 2, 1894(Wife of John R.)
Mattie Hardy, B. F. Sellers and Jane Sellers all buried in same plot
Jane Elsie Sellers Daughter of S. E. and M. J. Sellers June 20, 1884 -- July 28, 1886

B. F. Sellers Jan 28, 1872 -- Aug 17, 1891
Sampson Sellers Feb 6, 1825 -- Dec 5, 1908
Martha J. Sellers April 28, 1849 -- Sept 29, 1927 (
Martha Jane JOHNSON )
Francis A. Sellers June 1, 1874 -- Aug 6, 1958
Cora Della Sellers May 2, 1882 -- Jan 29, 1965 (wife of Francis A.)

f. Didema HARDY b: 8 Sep 1865 died  14 MAR 1927 in White City, Autauga married  
NOV 1885 in Coosa Joshua MeHerg b: 4 JAN 1862 in Horsestomp, Coosa
Spouse 1: Joshua Meherg Spouse 2: Dedemy Hardy Marriage Date: 05 Nov 1885
Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf.
Name: T. J. Boles ChildrenHas Children
  1. Has Children George Albert MEHEARG b: 10 NOV 1886 in Dollar, Horsestomp Community,Coosa Co, Al
  2. Has Children Lou Ada MEHEARG b: 23 MAR 1889 in Dollar, Horsestomp Community, Coosa Co, Al
  3. Has No Children John W. MEHEARG b: 18 JUN 1891 in Dollar, Horsestomp Community, Coosa Co, Al
  4. Has Children Ella Bell Moniarie MEHEARG b: 30 OCT 1893 in Dollar, Horsestomp Community, Coosa Co, Al
  5. Has Children Annie "Docia" MEHEARG b: 18 FEB 1896 in Dollar.Horsestomp Community, Coosa County, Alabama
  6. Has No Children Leona Pearlie MEHEARG b: 6 AUG 1898 in Dollar, Horsestomp Community, Coosa Co, Al
  7. Has Children William McKinley "Willie" MCHEARG , Sr. b: 1 FEB 1901 in Dollar,Horsestomp Community, Coosa Co, Al
  8. Has Children Mary "Molley" E. MEHEARG b: 8 SEP 1903 in Dollar, Horsestomp Community, Coosa Co, Al
  9. Has Children Rosa Estelle "Stella" MEHEARG b: 6 JUN 1906 in Dollar, Horsestomp Community, Coosa Co, Al
  10. Has Children Viola Vivian "Vida" MEHEARG b: 14 AUG 1908 in Dollar, Horsestomp Community, Coosa Co, Al
  11. Has No Children Letha May MEHEARG b: 19 SEP 1911 in Dollar, Horsestomp Community, Coosa Co, Al

g. Isadora “Doran” HARDY b: 1871 married about age 17
Spouse 1: J. P.(JA) Jones Spouse 2: Dorah Hardy Marriage Date: 25 Nov 1888 Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: I. Bice

h. Louisa Frances HARDY b: 20 Nov 1872 in Coosa County, Al died July 28,1910 Parkdale Cem m. Thomas Albert MeHerg
Spouse 1: Albert Meherg Spouse 2: Lou F. Hardy Marriage Date: 21 Oct 1888 Marriage Place: Coosa

  1. Has No Children Benjamin Oliver MEHEARG b: 13 APR 1890 in Weogufka, Coosa County, Alabama
  2. Has No Children William A. "Buddy" MEHERG b: SEP 1892 in Weogufka, Coosa County, Alabama
  3. Has No Children Mary E. MEHEARG b: FEB 1895 in Weogufka, Coosa County, Alabama Surety/Perf. Name: C. C. Duk
  4. Has No Children Henry A. MEHEARG b: 1905 in Weogufka, Coosa County, Alabama
  5. Has No Children Effie M. MEHEARG b: Ashley, AR

i. Allen A HARDY (second from right in picture) b: 1875 m. 31 Dec 1903 in , Coosa, AL to
Mary E. Hay
on 31 Dec 1903 in Minister C.C.Meherg in Coosa County, Al b. 21 Jul 1886 AL d Jan 1968 in Pell City, Saint Clair, Al
Home in 1880: Lewis, Coosa, Alabama
Home in 1900: Spearman, Shelby, Alabama
Home in 1910: Talladega, Alabama
Home in 1920: Cook Springs, St. Clair, Alabama
Home in 1930: Easonville, St Clair, Alabama

1. Henry A. Hardy b: 20 Oct 1904 AL
2. William Hardy
3. Charles C.
4. John R Hardy b: 13 Feb 1914 AL
5. Louis J. Hardy b: 18 Nov 1917 AL
6. Frances Hardy

1910 22nd April United States Federal Census > Alabama > Talladega > Precinct 12 > District 138
Allen A Hardy abt 1876 Alabama Head
Mary Hardy abt 1886 Alabama Wife
Henry E Hardy 1904 Alabama Son
William Hardy 1906 Alabama Son
Charley C Hardy abt 1909 Alabama Son

1920 Cook Springs, St Clair, AL 3rd Jan
Allen A Hardy 44 abt 1876 Al Head
Mary E Hardy 33 abt 1887 AL Wife
Henry A. Hardy 15abt 1905 AL Son
John R. Hardy 13 abt 1914 AL Son
William A: 10
Charlie C. 6
Louis J. Hardy 2 years and 2 months? abt 1918 AL Son

1930 Easonville, St Clair, AL
Allen A Hardy 54 abt 1876 Alabama Head
Mary E Hardy 43 abt 1887 AL Wife
Henry Hardy 25 abt 1905 AL Son
John Hardy 16 abt 1914 AL Son
Louis Hardy 12 abt 1918 AL Son
Frances Hardy 1 abt 1929 AL Daughter

j. Charles HARDY b: 1879 no information-still looking. Only thing I found is this?:
Charles Hardy
SSN: 484-36-8785
Last Residence: 51501 Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa, United States of America

Born: 24 Oct 1878
Died: Aug 1972
State (Year) SSN issued: Iowa

k. *Houston Hardy b. October 1881 (*not really a child-Daniel Houston Hardy is listed as a brother to Stephen R. Hardy in 1900 but he was really a nephew and the son of Stephen R.´s older brother Daniel Jackson. HARDY b: NOV 1851 and Frances Elizabeth Johnston. Daniel Jackson Hardy was not in good health and had moved out of Coosa to cooler Wilsonville in Shelby Co, and his half brothers Stephen R., John R. and Allen A. followed him to Shelby.)
End of list of William Allen Lansing Hardy children-more information about them follows.

1900 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Shelby > Spearman > District 131 precinct 11 13 June 1900
House 142
John R. Hardy head W Male Dec 1865 age 34 widower AL AL AL Farmer rents
Lezinka E. dau W Female Dec 1891 age 8 AL
Elbert L. son W M July 1893 6 AL
house 143
Stephen R. Hardy Head W M Oct 1862 37 Married 0 years together
Emma wife W F May 1879 21 Married 0 years together
Emma B. Lowery was the d/o George Marvin Lowery b: 8 AUG 1851 in GA.(Probably Campbell CO.) and Sarah Jane Blocker b: 1 JAN 1852 Married: 19 AUG 1870 in Coosa Co
(William Archibald) son W M February 1886 age 14
Callie dau. W F Feb 1895 age 5
(Etta Caladonia Hardy)
Houston brother W M Oct 1881 age 18 single

Photo Billy Parker "Hi Susan

This is a picture that I have on my wall.It is my mother,aunts, uncles, g.parents & g.g.parents. I look at it often & wandered if Etta was visiting the day the picture was taken now I know she was living with the Meharg. They are in front of Jousha & Didema´s home. I don't know the date but Etta Caladonia Hardy looks to be about 16 or 17 y/o. My mother Ella Belle Monarie MeGerg married at 16 y/o so she was maybe 14or 15 y/o.; Etta was 2 years older then mother PS; the Horse Stomp Park was part of his farm.. Billy"

Far left is the great granddaughter of Stephen Meadows, Etta Caladonia Hardy born at Talledega Springs north of where her grandfather lived. She was the daughter of Stephen Ransom Hardy born 30 October 1862 in picture below. His sister Florence Didemia Hardy b. 8 Sep 1865, granddaughter of Stephen Meadows, is the woman holding the baby in back. Archibald´s grandfather was also named Archibald who lived in Raburn´s Creek, Laurens District, SC while he was fighting in the Rev. War:

MAHARG, ARCHIBALD, aged 71, and a resident of St. Clair County; private, S. C. Militia; enrolled on July 24, 1833, under act of Congress of June 7, 1832, payment to date from March 4, 1831; annual allowance, $35; sums received to date of publication of list $105. —Revolutionary Pension Roll, in Vol. xiv, Sen. Doc. 514, 23rd Cong., 1st sess., 1833-34.

Archibald ´s wife Sarah Elizabeth Perkins was also a descendant of a Rev. soldier. Her grandfather is:

FAVER, JOHN (1758-1846) served as a private 1779 at the battle of Kettle Creek and his name is on the roster of soldiers who participated in that battle. He is buried on his farm Limestone County, Alabama. Daughter: Mary Melissa Fever Christopher, born 1842, in Limestone County, Ala. She was the daughter by his third wife, Mahala Lee, born 1808.—D.A.R. Lineage Book, Vol. 45, p. 60, vol. 47, p. 450-51.

"Faver & Kindred, 1748~1990." Alma Yarbrough Carroll, WH Wolfe Associates, 1990. History of the descendants of John Faver (early spelling: LeFevre), Revolutionary War patriot. From Virginia to Georgia. Allied names include Adams, Bankston, Chappell, Davis, Faver, Irvin(e), Jackson, Lanier, Merrill, Nutt, Reed, Sessions, Yarbrough, and many others. LH3

Foto below courtesy Cheryl Kelly
“My grandfather was Daniel Houston Hardy s/o Daniel Jackson Hardy.b 17 Oct. 1882 .and Frances Elizabeth Johnston.”

In foto descendants of Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows
Mary´s grandchildren in red.
Mary ´s children in black bold.
First row: Stephen Ransom Hardy b.30 Oct 1862 died 29 Sept. 1931, Elbert L. Hardy b. July 1893 s/o next person-John Richard Hardy called “Johnny” b. 1865, Luzinka E.Hardy b.Dec. 1891 d/o John R. and Mattie E. Sellers who died when Elbert was born. . Luzinka E. married Azeberry Hilliard Southern. Willis married Lila Alley, daughter of Talula Sellers and Alley..
Second Row: William Lafayette Hardy b. 1879 s/o Daniel J.. Hardy, Robert Francis “Frank” Hardy 1874 s/o Daniel J. Hardy, Allen A. Hardy b.1875, Daniel Houston Hardy b. 1882 s/o Daniel J. Hardy Willis W. Archibald Hardy b Feb 1886, s/o Stephen Ransom Hardy and Ada MeHerg, and Samuel Fletcher. Hardy 1875s/o Daniel J. Hardy

About the foto-Mary´s son William L. Hardy died. 11 Dec 1898 but is not in the foto. He was buried in Unity Cemetery not far from the old home place at Nixburg in Coosa Co. If you drive north a couple miles from Nixburg (Equality is south of Nixburg), you come to a cross road - take a left. After about 4 miles you get to Rockford you take a right and go north thru Hanover to Stewartsville and take a left when you get there. This is a small road which takes you thru Weogufka (where the Hardys found brides and grooms in the Horse Stomp community) to Unity.. If you keep on going thru Unity, you come to Marble Valley and the only road there takes a sharp right to the north which leads to Talledega Springs over the County line. The Taledeg Springs area was a place the Hardys gravated to after their parents died. Stephen Ransom Hardý daughter was born near there in 1895. In 1900 census Spearman, Shelby Co Talledega Co is only across the river. Daniel Jackson Hardy live in Wilsonville northwest of Talledega Springs which seems to be in the middle of woods and must be not far from where Allen A,, John R. and Stephen R..lived—maybe there was a bridge across the river which devieds Talledega from Shelby Co. But it just looks like woods and river and streams. It must have been really private. Maybe Sam NEEDED that gun he has in the photo. Daniel Jackson Hardy is not in the foto. It is maybe summer 1898 or 1897. Stephen R., John R. and Allen A. were neighbors in the 1900 census for Spearman, Shelby Co., AL. Daniel Houston lived with Stephen R. and his 2 children son Willis and daughter Callie (Etta Caladonia), as well as with his new wife Emma Lowery. I have their marriage certificate which I had to get for DAR. Also a William Smith 18 lived with Allen. He was black, born Oct 1881 and coud be the black boy Stephen brought up as his own son, according to Nellie Sellers Newton. After William A.L. Hardy died, as well as Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows, the homeplace in Coosa where maybe four or five of them had lived together must have been sold. Then three of the boys bought a place together in Shelby or Talledega Springs area. The boys may have come up to Shelby to join Daniel Jackson Hardy who was living in Wilsonville, Shelby.

1900 Wilsonville, Shelby, Alabama
Daniel J Hardy abt 1851 Alabama White Head
Judie A Hardy abt 1874 Alabama White Wife

Robert F Hardy abt 1874 Alabama White Son
Emma Hardy abt 1886 Alabama White Daughter
Hulen Hardy
Daniel J,abt 1889 Alabama White Son
Wheeler J Hardy abt 1895 Alabama White Son
Milas J Hardy abt 1897 Alabama White Son
Laurene E Hardy abt 1899 Alabama White Son

Copy of photo sent to me in Germany by Billy Parker-

From Left to right

Etta "Callie" Hardy, George Albert Meherg and Elle Belle Monarie MeHerg. They wore Indian jewelry, so I suppose they participated in the Creek culture of Coosa Co and felt themselves to be part Indian. Please click on the pictures for a larger view.

Area where Etta Caladonia´s grandfather meHerg lived near Weogufka creek and Hatchett Creek is called Horse Stomp and I think it was near Lewis, AL in Coosa Co.

She is at her maternal granfather´s place in Horse Stomp Community near Weogodka

Map for Tallapoosa sites is here.

Please click on the pictures for a larger view-

Etta Caladonia Hardy in Homewood, AL 1980 with middle her grandson Thomas Eugene Aldridge b. April 29, 1950, far right her son in law Roscoe Claude Aldridge, and her great grandson little Thomas Taylor Aldridge. Susan Millicent Taylor Juska Slider Aldridge took the photo. She was widowed 3 times. Edward Charles Juska died after an accidental fire early one morning at his goldsmith shop near Pine Street in Philadelphia. Ronald Slider died in a car accident while coming home from an oyster roast on John Island, SC. Thomas Eugene Aldridge died after Hurricane Hugo as a result of depression which he had had off and on in his life.

Photo from either Dr. Harry Kinane of Stephen Ransom Hardy´s daughter in law-Lila ALLEY when she was young. She was born in Jefferson Co and lived in Elyton near the Shelby Co. line. She was the daughter of Tallulah Parthena C. (Lula) Sellers and probably Sims Alley. The Alleys and Sellers are neighbors in 1860 Elyton. Jefferson Co.AL. The Sellers were related to the Actons and Watkins families of Shelby. Lila lived in the house of Amanda Grace Sims Sellers and Lila´s grandmother Martha Morris Sellers. The family had come in a covered wagon thru Tennessee to madison Co AL and then to Shades Valley, Jefferson Co byabout 1857. Tallulah´s father Henderson Sellers was drafted into the Rebellion, as his family called it, soon after moving to Alabama.He fought at Chickamauga and died in hospital. Henderson´s father was a Unionist and hid run away draftees in the woods. Willis HARDY married Lila Alley in 1909. See

continued list from above of Robert Hardy and Nancy Browning children
3. Robert W. Hardy b.1829 in Coosa Territory, Dollar AL Robert died 1853 m. Mary Ann Elizabeth MEADOWS d/o Stephen Meadows who was the sonof Ransom Meadows1st m. Robert W. Hardy on 28th Sep 1848 in Tallapoosa.Billy Parker wrote, " A grandaughter of Robert (Alma Adamsom Neighbors) said Robert W.died at age 48 from complications following surgery which was performed on a table in the yard."
Hardy, Robert W.
Comments: The gender of Robert W. Hardy is male.
Spouse: Mary Meadows
Marriage Date: Sep 28, 1848
County: Tallapoosa
Notes: This record can be found in the County Court Records, Film # 1302444 - 1302448
The same children as listed above in William A.L. Hardy
Children of Mary Meadows, daughter of Stephen Meadows. They lived originally near Dollar, after leaving Nixburg-where is father lived.

First son of Robert W. Hardy and Mary A. E. Meadows -William L. HARDY courtesy Billy Parker of Alabama. The painting looks like maybe 1865? can anyone say?

Please click on the pictures for a larger view.

Three Children of Robert W. Hardy:

a. William L. HARDY b. 26 Nov 1849, d. 11 Dec 1898 age 49 buried at Unity, Unity Cem., Coosa Co m. Mary Margaret Townsend b 1 August 1845 died Dec 18, 1927 Fayetteville Memorial Cemetary.-info-harold fowler talladega al
His Children
1. Norah HARDY b 1870 AL,
2. Mary Sisley HARDY b: 10 DEC 1872
Spouse 1: Benjamin Meherg Spouse 2: M. S. Hardy Marriage Date: 10 Mar 1891 Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: C. C. Duke
3. John "Jehu" HARDY b ca 1875,
4. William HARDY 1876,
5. Hixie Jane HARDY 1878,
Sarah "Sallie" HARDY b ca 1880 m. Benjamen Dorsey Stewart - grandmother of Cynthia Wadsworth Hardy who says: Mary Townsend's father was Pascal Hunter Townsend. (b. 1811 d. 1895) He and many of the Townsends are buried in Pine Grove cemetery. Mr. Thomson's listing is just a partial listing. I have pictures of every grave. Her Mother was Sicily (b. 1819 d. 1904) and that is how the Sicily name started in the Hardy family. Again, the Townsend's lived next door to the Sellers who are also buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery. It is said that one of their homes is still standing.

b. Daniel Jackson HARDY b: NOV 1851 in Alabama married 1st Frances E. Johnstonnd
2. Spouse Judith Ann Varner 1: D. J. Hardy Spouse 2: Judith Varner Marriage Date: 29 Nov 1890 Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: D. J. Boles
1.Robert Francis Frank HARDY never married
2.William Lafayette HARDY m. and had one child

3.Daniel Houston HARDY Oct 17, 1882 m. Dacy M. Dennis and had three children; Erline, Cora, and Bessie Alternate Birth: 16 Oct 1882 Death: 29 Mar 1976 - Polk, Florida, United States SSN: 263-02-8444 WW1 registration right-

4.Samuel Fletcher HARDY m. Mattie Burson Spouse 1: Sam Hardy Spouse 2: Ida Smith Marriage Date: 22 Nov 1890 Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: A. L. Bulger
5.Hulen HARDY never married
6.Mary Elizabeth “Betty” HARDY
7.Emma HARDY m. Joe Plyer
8.Roxie HARDY m. Jim Dooley
9.Bixie HARDY m. Ewing Fowler
2nd wife Judith Varner
10.Wheeler HARDY unmarried
11.Reesie HARDY m. Jim Allen
12.Miles HARDY m. Susan Frances Varner
m.Elzie HARDY m. Nancy Creel

1900 Wilsonville, Shelby, Alabama
Daniel J Hardy abt 1851 Alabama White Head
Judie A Hardy abt 1874 Alabama White Wife

Robert F Hardy abt 1874 Alabama White Son
Emma Hardy abt 1886 Alabama White Daughter
Hulen Hardy
Daniel J,abt 1889 Alabama White Son
Wheeler J Hardy abt 1895 Alabama White Son
Milas J Hardy abt 1897 Alabama White Son
Laurene E Hardy abt 1899 Alabama White Son

c. Robert W. HARDY Jr b: AUG 1853 m Queen Victoria Ingram b JAN 1855 in Randolph Co., AL Daughter of John and Martha Ingram who had moved to Travelers Rest, Coosa by 1870 census.
1. Mary F. Hardy b: SEP 1874 in Coosa Co.,AL
John R. Hardy b: Abt 1877 in Coosa Co.,AL
Martha L. Hardy b: Abt 1879 in Coosa Co.,Nixburg,AL
4. Bozeman Hardy b: MAR 1881 in AL
5. Ida V. Hardy b: DEC 1882 in AL
6. Maggie E. Hardy b: JUN 1886 in AL
Rody E. (Rhoda?) Hardy b: SEP 1888 in AL
William Hardy b: NOV 1890 in AL
9. Valley M. Hardy b: FEB 1892 in AL
Ransom A. Hardy b: MAY 1895 in AL

continued list of Robert Hardy and Nancy Browning children-

4. Allen A. Hardy b. 1832 Coosa Co.AL
Hardy, Allen A.Comments: The gender of Allen A. Hardy is male.
Spouse: Louisa Bankston
Marriage Date: Sep 23, 1852
County: Coosa
Notes: This record can be found in the County Court Records, Film # 1290263 - 1290267

5. Daniel Jackson Hardy  b. 1834 d. 25 July 1925 m. 1st Betty Allen
and had 3 children-
1. Walter William Hardy b.1866, buried at Old Town?
2. James T. Hardy,
3. Danie Elizabeth Hardy
From Billy Parker-
I have a letter written by a Mary Ann Hardy William of Alex City ( no date but I've had
it for several years ) quote; Daniel Jackson Hardy ,Lowndes Co. Al. married Julia Elizabeth
Allen b-12-10-1839 d- 5-18-1868 ; buried near Davis Boat landing on lake Martin in Denis
2nd. Elizabeth Wickes 11-2-1871(the marriages lic. you have ) Soon after Daniel was born,
when he was only 2 or 3, his father Robert left Lowndes Co. because of his health and moved to Coosa
Co. Al.. Robert died when Daniel was still a boy. after that Daniel lived with his older brother
William A.L. Hardy until he was grown. Around 1857 he moved to Tallapoosa Co. and
lived on a farm at Ourtown (Fish Pond?), near Alexander city,Ala. She lists his children
1st, marriage;
1-James T.
2-Dannie Elizabeth
3- Walter William
2nd. wife
1- Sallie
3-Chester Ernest.

Remarks: CSA Present on muster roll from enrollment 1862/07/28 in
Tallapoosa Co
to December 31, 1862. This organization appears to
have been only a temporary one, and most of the men were subsequently
forwarded to other organizations. D.J. Hardy, Co. B, 2nd Confederate Engineer
Troops (for which
there are no muster rolls on file) was surrendered in
May, 1865 and paroled at Meridian, Mississippi May 10, 1865, a laborer.
Residence Tallapoosa County. Private. He served in unit A of the 1st Alabama
Authority: The Adjutant General's Office 1925/03/17

6. Mary Ann Elizabeth Hardy
b. 8 Feb 1836,
d. 10 May 1921 m. Milous MEADOWS b. 23
Aug.1834 Lowndesboro, Lowndes Co., AL, d. 28 March 1926 e Sh
e was only 10 years old
when her mother married James Madison Bankston in January
of 1846 and her children went to live with their older brother
William A.L.Hardy. Nancy Browning Hardy turned over land to
William A. L. her second son in spring of 1846.

Meadows, Milas [also spelled Milous/Miles]
Comments: The gender of Milas Meadows is male.
Spouse: Mary Hardy
Marriage Date: Oct 20, 1853
County: Coosa
Notes: This record can be found in the County Court Records,
Film # 1290263

Milous served in Company I, 61st Alabama Infantry, C.S.A. Wounded at Spottsylvania Court House. Remarks: enlisted at April 1962 Wetumpka, Sergeant and at Montgomery Co 3rd Sergeant Authority: Census, Tax Assessor, Coosa County, Alabama 1907 and 1908. Served until the surrender. Address 1907-08, 1921: Alexander City, Alabama. Census of Confederate Soldiers
Alabama Pension #10971, filed in Coosa County
, witnessed by C. L. Dean and A. W. Spraggins.

Milous is buried 1926 Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Fishpond, Coosa Co. AL 1850 Township 23, Tallapoosa, Al , : 1860 Southern Division, Coosa, Al , 1880, 1900, 1920 Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama

They had 6 children One daughter died before 1880. and 2 more died by 1900.
1. Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows 1859
2. Sarah "Sallie" Meadows b: 1866 in Coosa Co., Al
3. Ransom Meadows b: 1867 in Coosa Co., Al (Ransom was 1880, 1910, 1920: NIXBURG, COOSA,AL)

4. R. S. b 1869 female was not there in 1880
5. ? married Vasti?

1860 Equality ,Southern Division, Coosa AL
Milous Meadows age 26 worth $17,000
Mary. 23
Mary E. 1
John M. 17
Wiley Howard 23

1850 Tallapoosa , AL 12 Dec House 1376
Ransom Meadows NOT INDEXED
Runtsum Maddows 63 $4000 farmer NC Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1786
Sarah 59 GA Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1791 GA
Miles 16 GA Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1834 Alabama
John W. 7 GA Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1843 Alabama (grandson- Gilbert´s son by a 1st marriage to Martha Matilda Snowden)

1870 1 Sept 1870 Nixburg, Coosa Co AL
House 248
Milus Meadows 36
Mary 34
M.E.11 f
Sally 6 f
Ransom 3 m
R.S. 1 f

1880 Nixburg, Coosa ,AL
Milous Meadows Nixburg, Coosa, AL abt 1835 Alabama Self (Head)
Mary A. Meadows Nixburg,
Coosa, AL abt 1837 Alabama Wife
Sallie Meadows Nixburg,
Coosa, AL abt 1866 Alabama Daughter
Ranson Meadows Nixburg,
Coosa, AL abt 1867 Alabama Son

1910 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Marshall > Albertville > District 96 May 1910 image 37 at Ancestry
House 345
Milous Meadows head 75 married 1 time for 59 years b AL Father GA Mother GA
Mary A. wife 75 married 1 time for 59 years 6 children and 3 living b AL Father SC Mother GA
Elizabeth Bankston sister 80 widow b AL Father GA Mother GA

1910 Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama
Ransom Meadows Nixburg, Coosa, AL abt 1867 Alabama Head
Mollie R Meadows Nixburg, Coosa, AL abt 1867 Alabama Wife
Daley Meadows Nixburg, Coosa, AL abt 1890 Alabama Daughter
Milas H Meadows Nixburg, Coosa, AL abt 1892 Alabama Son
Bessie M Meadows Nixburg, Coosa, AL abt 1896 Alabama Daughter
Gracie Meadows Nixburg, Coosa, AL abt 1898 Alabama Daughter
Walter R Meadows Nixburg, Coosa, AL abt 1906 Alabama Son

1920 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Coosa > Nixburg > District 57
House 141
Rance Meadows 38 abt 1882 Louisiana White Head
Edna Meadows 39 abt 1881 Georgia White Wife
Herman Meadows 18 abt 1902 Alabama White Son
Therman Meadows 15 abt 1905 Alabama White Son
Felmer Meadows 14 abt 1906 Alabama White Daughter
Lavell Meadows 10 abt 1910 Alabama White Daughter
R E Meadows 6 abt 1914 Alabama White Son
Milly May Meadows 4 abt 1915 Alabama White Daughter
Ruby Meadows 1 abt 1918 Alabama White Daughter
House 143
Rance Meadows 52 abt 1868 owns Alabama White Head
Mollie Meadows 52 abt 1868 Alabama White Wife
Irby Meadows 29 abt 1891 Alabama White Son
Walter Meadows 14 abt 1906 Alabama White Son
House 145
Miles Meadows 85 abt 1835 owns Alabama White Head
Maryan Meadows 84 abt 1836 Alabama White Wife
House 158
Mrs. Vasti Meadows 40 abt 1860 Alabama White Head
Hattie Meadows 22 abt 1898 Alabama White Daughter
Richard Meadows 19 abt 1901 Alabama White Son
William Meadows 29 abt 1891 Alabama White Nephew

7. Richard Covington Hardy b. 19 Mar 1838 Coosa County, Nixburg He was married 1st to Elizabeth R.Works 2nd. Martha Ann(Mattie) Bryant (7-21-1881); 3rd. Mary Perstella “Polly" William (1-5-1890),buried in the Old Hatchett Creek (Dollar) Cem. in Coosa Co. Al. He was only 8 years old when her mother married James Madison Bankston in January of 1846 and her children went to livewith their older brother William A.L.Hardy. Nancy Browning Hardy turned over land to William A. L. her second son in spring of 1846. In 1870 it was on his plantation near Old Hatchett Creek (Dollar) that his mother died. They took her to within 500 yards of William A.L. Hardy house where she was buried.

Remarks: CSA Served until surrender. Address 1907-08: Dollar, Alabama. Rank: Private. he enlisted at Camp Watts and served in Jones Co.

Hardy, Richard C.
Comments: The gender of Richard C. Hardy is male.
Spouse: Elziabeth R. Works
Marriage Date: Dec 17, 1857
County: Coosa
Notes: This record can be found in the County Court Records, Film # 1290263 - 1290267

  1. Has No Children William George Googans Wesley HARDY b: 29 APR 1858 in Yount?s Ferry, Tallapoosa Co., AL
  2. Has Children Sarah Sallie Belle HARDY b: 26 SEP 1861 in Yount?s Ferry, Tallapoosa Co., AL
  3. Has No Children Albert Sidney HARDY b: 21 JUN 1867 in Hatchett Creek, Coosa Co., AL
  4. Has Children Sidney Johnston HARDY b: 31 AUG 1868 in Hatchett Creek, Coosa Co., AL
  5. Has No Children Mary Susan HARDY b: 29 JUL 1871 in Hatchett Creek, Coosa Co., AL
  6. Has Children Martha Taylor HARDY b: 6 JUN 1874 in Hatchett Creek, Coosa Co., AL
  7. Early C. HARDY b Nov 1886

United States Federal Census > Alabama >
Coosa > Lewis > District 27

Richard Hardy 62 b March 1838
Mary D? Hardy 58 b Oct 1841

Early C Hardy 14 son b Nov 1886
Tilda J Cagle 47 servant b Sept 1852- this is prob. Matilda Jane Wright
who married Isaac Cagle, daughter of Unity Parrish and John Wright
8. Nathan Peebles Hardy b. 1842  died at Gettyburg CSA. He was only 4 years old when
his mother married James Madison Bankston in January of 1846 and her children went to live
with their older brother William A.L.Hardy. Nancy Browning Hardy
turned over land to her
second son William A.L.Hardy who took care of all the children except his older brother
John B. Hard

9. Nancy Browning Bankston b ca 1847 in Coosa Co daughter of
Nancy Peebles Browning Hardy Bankston by James Madison Bankston,
son ofJoseph and Agnes Bankston a preacher at Primitive Fishpond Church.

They came from Spartanburg, SC. See more details about the family and his
mother Mary Meadows at
married Ransom Meadows Dick about 1865 after the Rebellion.
1850 Union Co, LA
House 671
R L Dick
b abt 1810 Georgia $600
Mary Dick b abt 1811 Georgia
Martha Dick b abt 1835 Ala
Martha Jane married
JAN 1857 in El Dorado, Union Co., AR to Lanier BOATRIGHT b: ABT 1835 in El Dorado, Union Co., AR
Sarah Dick b abt 1837 Ala Sarah Frances b. 5 MAR 1838 in Albertville, Al married Benjamin W. Odom when she was 14
Ransom Dick
Union, LA abt 1841 Ala married Nancy Browning Bankston 1865

Ransom Meadows Dick served in the Confederate Calvary (military records) in AL, then married Nancy Browning Bankston Coosa Co in 1865. I did not find him in the 1860 census. Ransom Middleton Meadows´s grandson and namesake, Ransom Meadows Dick, married Nancy Browning Bankston the half sister of Ransom Middleton Meadows´grandchild Mary A.E. Meadows` husbands Robert W. Hardy and William Allen Lansing Hardy. Also little Nancy was the sister in law to her half brother John B Hardy´s wife Elizabeth Meadows, d/0 of Ransom. Nancy was also the sister in law of her half sister Mary Ann Elizabeth Hardy´s husband Milous Meadows, s/o Ransom. Since Ransom Meadows Dick is the nephew of Elizabeth Meadows by her sister Mary Meadows Dick and since Nancy is her sister in law by a 1st marriage, Nancy and Ransom may have held a special place in the heart of Elizabeth Meadows Hardy Bankston who had lost her only child. If you notice Nancy moves to Marshall Co where her aunt has been living and is only 7 houses away-and probably on Bankston property. This might be Elizabeth´s property, and Ransom may have inherited property as well. They is there at the same time as Elizabeth.

1870 United States Federal Census > Alabama > St Clair >
Subdivision 39 Precinct 1 9th June Ashville PO
Ransum Dick 30 abt 1840 Alabama White Male
Nancy Dick 23 abt 1847 Alabama White Female
William Dick 3 abt 1868 Alabama White Male
Lillidixie Dick 2 abt 1867 Alabama White Male
Marcum A Dick 10 months abt 1869 Alabama White Male

1880 Clear Creek, Gum Springs and Attalla, Etowah, AL 5th June
House 113
Ransom M. Dick 39 abt 1841 Louisiana Self (Head)
Nancy B. Dick 33 abt 1847 Alabama Wife
Littie Dixie Dick 13 abt 1867 Alabama Son
William B. Dick 12 abt 1868 Alabama Son
Ambrose M. Dick 10 abt 1870 Alabama Son
Alice E. Dick 9 abt 1871 Alabama Daughter

Otto B. Dick 8 abt 1872 Alabama Son
Otto (O. B.) Beatrix DICK b. 6 March 1872 in Marshall Co. Alabama died 25 November 1942 in Lewisville- Denton Co.Texas m. 13-6-1895 in-Sand Mountain Al to Ophelia Arzula Robertson b. 1874 Marshall AL Married 13 June-1895 in Sand Mountain AL child:Has Children Thomas Ransom DICK b: 8 JUL 1902 in Denton County, Texas
Robert R. Dick 5 abt 1875 Alabama Son
Ida H. Dick 3 abt 1877 Alabama Daughter
Ida Honorine b. 6 October 1876 in Etowah County, AL died 15 February 1961 in Albertville, Marshall County, AL married Joseph Atlas Henson Child: Has Children Azzlee Grady HENSON b: 6 January 1904 in Marshall County, AL
James R. Dick 1 abt 1879 Alabama Son
Mary Dick 69 b.abt 1811 Georgia Mother

1900 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Marshall > Albertville > District 83
House 248 sheet 14 15th June seven houses away from his Aunt Elizabeth
Ransom (indexed as Ram) M Dick b September 1840 Louisiana White Head
Browning B Dick b. November 1846 11 children 8 alive Alabama White Wife
Alva M Dick b. November 1884 Alabama White Son
House 456
Ambrose Dick b. July 1868 Alabama White Boarder

1900 United States Federal Census >Alabama >Marshall >Albertville >District 83
House 255 sheet 15 and page 40 A 16th June
James. M. Bankston head white male June 1815 75 married 35 years (since 1865) SC SC SC Farmer can read and write
Elizabeth Bankston wife white female April 1827 75 married 35 years gave birth to 1 child 0 children alive AL GA GA can read but cannot write

1910 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Marshall > Albertville > District 96 May 1910 image 37 at Ancestry
Apparently Milous decided to move from Nixburg to join his sister in Marshall Co.
Maybe it was a nice old house with plenty of room.

House 345
Milous Meadows head 75 married 1 time for 59 years b AL Father GA Mother GA
Mary A. wife 75 married 1 time for 59 years 6 children and 3 living b AL Father SC Mother GA
Elizabeth Bankston sister 80 widow 1 child born and 1 child alive (?)b AL Father GA Mother GA

1910 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Marshall > Albertville > District 96 image 33 at Ancestry
House 305
Ransom M Dick abt 1841 Louisiana Head
Nancy B Dick abt 1846 Alabama Wife
Luther Dick abt 1892 Alabama Grandson

Ada Dick abt 1900 Alabama Granddaughter
Floy (Florence)Dick abt 1902 Alabama Granddaughter

1920 Albertville, Marshall, Alabama
House: 148 Baltimore Ave.
Robert R Dick 45 AL owns his home
Julia A Dick 46 AL
Elsie Dick 19 AL
Ida Lee Dick 17 AL

Willie R Dick 14 TX
Odie Dick 12 TX
Wilburn W Dick 8 TX
Elvie B Dick 6 3/12 TX
Clyde Dick 4 TX

1930 April 7
Albertville, Marshall, Alabama
House 103 indexed as Lawson Dick
Ransom Dick 55 AL
Julia F Dick 56 AL

Willie Dick 24
Olie Dick 21
Elsie Dick 26
Wilbern Dick 19
Elvie Bell Dick 16
Clyde Dick 14

Other material concerning the Hardy family-
Stephen Crenshaw RS

The above report is a little jumbled up POSSIBLY. I have looked for days and can find no 1840 born Hardy white woman in the Lowndes/Coosa vicinity in 1920 or 1930. Of course there is no telling where Stones Tank used to be. They give no county, but they are talking as if they are in Lowndes. However the Lowndes, Dallas and Coosa County Hardys were kin and went back and forth. Susan/Susannah Hardy Crenshaw had quite a few children in the 1830 census and it looks like she had just reached the end of her child bearing years. She had one child under 5 in the house and she would have been 50. Her child Robert had been killed after arriving. Her daughter Louisa was born 1809. Her son Edward married right after the 1830 census.

By 1840 only her youngest daughter and a son were home.The daughter would have been Susan who married John Hardy from Bradford, Vermont. In the mother and daughter team 1840 they had only 8 slaves , although Susannah and her husband had had 26 in Abbeville District SC in 1820. She must have distributed them to her numerous children. Stephen Crenshaw may have died later than 1821 as reported because Susannah has a boy child 5 and under in 1830, born in the 5 years before the census.

Their daughter Louisa was 8 years old when they left for AL and born ca 1811:
1860: Northern Division, Lowndes, Alabama
Post Office: Hayneville
E H Harbert 60 SC
Louisa Harbert 49 SC (Crenshaw, no children that I know of-this is a second marriage)
Sarah E Harbert 26
Thomas T Harbert 24
Benj P Harbert 17
H A Harbert 15
Susan Cronshaw 80 SC

Possibly a son Joseph.
1860: Southern Division, Lowndes, Alabama
Post Office: Mount Willing
Joseph Crenshaw 48
Lucy Crenshaw 53
J S Crenshaw 24
W R Crenshaw 18
Emaline Crenshaw 16
B J Crenshaw 13
M J Crenshaw 8She has an unknown son who married Emily:

Unknown son who married Emily Pearce-
1860: Southern Division, Lowndes, Alabama
Post Office: Mount Willing
Emly Crenshaw 41
Milo P Crenshaw 28 AL
Walter R Crenshaw 24 AL
also seen in 1850 are Virginia age 13 (1837)and James M. age 6 (1844) and Mary E. age 17 married to James P. Banks age 25 Planter SC

Her youngest daughter Susan C. was born 1820 in SC just before her parents left SC. Susan C. married John Hardy b: 17-JAN-1814 Bradford, Vermont. He died 11 Sep 1843 in Haynesville, Al.
1. Alabama Hardy b 31 MAY 1841 in Al m. 13 May 1857 to Capt Samuel Oliver Meriwether
born 24 Dec 1835 in Hayneville, Lowndes, Al
1860: Southern Division, Lowndes, Alabama
S O Merriwether 24
Alabama Merriwether 20
Freeman Merriwether 1

2. Virginia Hardy
3. Sarah Jane Hardy

Here is a relation to the family by marriage who is also named Queen Victoria. She married the great great great nephew of Stephen Crenshaw- Robert W. Hardy whose family came from Edgefield SC with the Crenshaws in 1820. is it possible that the report above is all jumbled and the woman giving the report about Stephen Crenshaw`s uniform was the unmarried daughter of Queen Victoria Ingram who married Robert W. Hardy? I just really cannot figure out who "Mrs. Hardy" is since Stone's Tank no longer exists, at least on google. So here is a digression from Robert Hardy 1782 -before I continue.

1860: Southern Division, Randolph, Alabama
Post Office: Wesobulga
John Ingram 51 NC (1809 NC)
Martha Ingram 50 GA
Rhoda P Ingram 23 GA
Chapman Ingram 22 GA
Sarah Ingram 19 GA
Alfred Ingram 18 AL
Martha Ingram 15 AL
Mary Ingram 12 AL
Jane Ingram 10 Al
Augusta A Ingram 8 AL
William A Ingram 7 AL
Queen (Victoria) Ingram 1 AL
Victoria married Robert W. Hardy, grandson of Robert Hardy and Nancy Peebles Browning. Robert was the step brother of Thomas Benjamin Ingram 1781 VA, mother was Sarah who married John Hardy, probably as a widow with 3 children and property in Edgefield SC probably.

1870 Travellers Rest, Coosa
John Ingram abt 1810 South Carolina White Male
Roda Ingram abt 1840 Alabama White Female
Martha Ingram abt 1842 Alabama White Female
Mary Ingram abt 1850 Alabama White Female
Augusta A Ingram abt 1852 Alabama White Female
Victoria Ingram abt 1854 Alabama White Female married Robert W. Hardy grandson of Robert Hardy and Nancy
Adwin Ingram abt 1855 Alabama White Male

1880: Travelers Rest, Coosa, Alabama
John Ingraham 65 head Farmer Widower NC NC NC
Rhoda Ingraham 42 dau GA NC GA
Martha Ingraham 30 dau GA NC GA
William A. Ingraham 26 son AL NC GA


1. Elizabeth Ingram b: Bet 1833/1834 in DeKalb Co., GA
2. Rhoda P. Ingram b: Abt 1836 in DeKalb Co.,Dist. 572,GA
3. Chapman Ingram b: APR 1837 in GA
4. Sarah Ingram b: Abt 1840 in GA
5. J. Alfred (Could Be John Alford?) Ingram b: Abt 1842 in AL
6. Martha Ingram b: Abt 1844 in AL
7. Mary Ingram b: Abt 1846 in AL
8. Jane Laura Ingram b: Abt 1850 in Randolph Co.,AL
9. Augusta Ann Ingram b: SEP 1852 in Randolph Co.,AL
10. William Alvin Ingram b: Abt MAY 1854 in Randolph Co., AL
11. Queen Victoria Ingram b: JAN 1859 in Randolph Co., AL

1880: Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama
Robert W. Hardy 26 AL SC AL grandson of Robert Hardy and Nancy Browning
Queen V. Hardy 25
Mary F. Hardy 5
John R. Hardy 3
Martha L. Hardy 1 Maggie

1900: Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama
Robert W. Hardy 46 AL SC AL
Queen V. Hardy 45 AL NC GA she had 11 children and 10 are alive
Mary F. Hardy 25 never married
Boazman A. Hardy 19
Ida V. 17
Maggie B- 13
Rody E. 11
William 9
Valley M. 8
Ransom A. 5

1910: Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama
Queen Harley 54 AL NC GA widowed
Mary F Harley 35
Maggie B Harley 23
Rodie E Harley 21
William L Harley 19
Volley M Harley 18

Arnold R Harley 14
Soloman Crawford 17

1920: Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama Russelville-Hessy Road (is there a Ston's Tank here?)
living with 3 unmarried daughters
Queen Hardy 65 FL NC GA (where did she suddenly get Florida?)
Fannie Hardy 44 dau
Elvie Hardy 30 dau (Rhoda)
Volly Hardy 27 dau
Ransome Hardy 24 son
Ben Tate 17 labor

Robert Hardy's cousin Susannah Hardy Crenshaw's father died in 1814 and
her grandfather died in 1797 and here is his testament in SC, found
first by Carol Hardy Bryan of Edegfield.

James Beuford married Mary Warren d/o Thomas Warren and Mary Elizabeth Hackley from
Rappahannock Co., VA. James Bueford was the son of Henry Buford and Mary Osborne
of Middlesex and Lancaster VA James' niece and nephew thru his brother Henry Buford were
Elizabeth (wife of Robert Crenshaw below)and Leroy Buford who died in Chester Dist. SC.
So Susannah Hardy's mother Phoebe Beuford (daughter of James) was first cousins to the
mother of Susannah's husband Stephen Crenshaw-Elizabeth Buford, making Susannah and
her husband Stephen 2nd cousins?
WILL BK A, pg 65, box 22, pkg 13 - Union Co., SC written 19 Dec 1796
and recorded 10 Jun 1797 - Ben Haile, C.C.

In the name of God, aman. I James Beuford of Union County & State of
South Carolina being of sound mind & perfect memory, yet
considering my age & frailty of body must expect are long to make
my final exit from this world, I do therefore make, constitute &
ordain this my Last Will & Tetament in the manner & form
following, viz.
Item, it is my will & desire that all my just debts may be paid.
Item, I lend to my beloved wife, Mary Beuford, three negroes viz:
Charles, Sue & Rose during her widowhood.
it is my will & desire that my beloved wife, Mary Beuford with the
advise & consent of my Executors, hereafter named, to choose out
and appropriate to her exclusive use such & so much of my stock,
household furniture, etc. as she & they may judge to be sufficient
to afford her a comfortable sustenance during her widowhood bequeath to
my granddaughter, Jitney Pride Glenn & to her heirs forever one
negro named Ned.
Item, I appoint & ordain that all the rest of
my estate both real and personal, including those negroes which I
formerly lent to some of my children (to wit) my negro man Kennor lent
to my son Tavinor Bird Beuford, Sal & her increase lent to my
daughter Lillian Philups, Lydda & her increase lent to my daughter
Lucy Tucker & also Daniel lent to my daughter Mildred Hutt, with
the rest of my estate both real and personal that I have never yet lent
out, that the whole to be sold in such a manner that my children shall
be the only purchasers ad the product of sale, I do ordain to be
equally and impartially divided between these Warren Beuford, Phibi
Hardy, Mildren Hutt, Lucy Tucker, Lelian Philups, Tavenor Bird Beuford,
Mary Walker or her heirs, Ambrose Beuford or his heirs to hem and their
heirs forever.
Item, I will & ordain that provided any of my above named children to
whom I have formerly lent negroes should fail to give up such negroes
to my executors hereafter named to be equally divided with the rest of
my estate, then in that case they sall be suffered to keep the said
negroes of which they are possessed by loan but shall on their thus
refusing to comply with my Will be excluded from having or possessing
any part of the rest of my estate either real or personal of which they
now stand possessed.
Item, it is my will and desire that at decease of my beloved wife,
Mary Beuford that all the estate then left to be divided as above.
Item, I give & bequeath to my son Henry Beuford twelve pounds cash which
I formerly lent him which it is my will & desire that it shall be his whole
portion of my estate both real & personal.
I do hereby constitute, ordain & appoint my two sons, Warren Beurford &
Travinor Bird Bedford & my wife, Mary Beuford, Executors &
Executirx of this my Last Will & Testament and I do hereby revoke
and uttely disallow & disannul all forms, bequeaths, wills and
legacies by me in any wise made heretofore declaing, ratifying &
confirming this & no other to be my Last Will & Testament. In
witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this nineteenth
day of December, one thousand Seven hundred and Ninety-Six.

James Beuford {Seal}
Done in presence of:
Sam'l Hardy, Patrick Henry Sims,
John Buford

Will of Robert Crenshaw, wife was Elizabeth Beuford also spelled Elizabeth BUFORD
She was the sister of Leroy Buford and the children of
Robert's wife was Mary Shelton on married 26 MAY 1804 in Pittsylvania VA

Union County Will Book A
Page: 173-177:
Will of Robert Crenshaw, Senr. of Union District . . . .
my wife Mary Crenshaw, during her widowhood, negro Billy, horse, cows and
calves, etc. and the house I now live in, and one third plantation,
village sermon book, Rippons Hymn Book; bed & furniture and other
property that she had possessed when I married her; to my son John
Crenshaw, L 342 Virginia currency which I formerly gave him; to my
daughter Charlotte Davis, L 337 s 15 d 6 which I formerly gave her; to
my son Stephen Crenshaw, with L 336 which I formerly gave him, one
shilling Virginia money; to my daughter Letitia Ragsdale, L 374 s 5 d 9
Virginia Currency which I formerly gave her, one shilling; to my
daughter Jane Stringfellow with L 189 10 Virginia currency, which I
formerly gave her, one shilling; to my daughter Frances Dugan, with L
373 s 2 d 11 Virginia currency which I formerly gave her, one shilling;
to my daughter Martha Evans, L 355 s 3 d 9 which I formerly gave her,
one shilling; to my son, Robert Crenshaw, with L 312 s 7 d 10 Virginia
currency which I formerly gave him, one shilling; to my son Randolph
Crenshaw, all the plantation which I formerly purchased of Thomas
Gordon in Newberry & Union Districts, with what property I formerly
gave him; to my son James Crenshaw, tract whereon I now live, 550
acres, reserving the one third for my wife Mary, which I purchasef from
Carrell, Musgrove, Breman, George, Grat, and Word lying on north side
Tyger River; to my grandson Grief Crenshaw, plantation which I formerly
purchased of William Mayes called Whites tract, 250 acres; remainder
after above legacies divided so as to make all legatees equal: John,
Charlotte, Stephen, Letitia, Jane, Francis, Martha, Robert, Randolph
and James Crenshaw; son in law James Dugan, my son Robert Crenshaw, my
son James Crenshaw, and my wife Mary, 27 Nov. 1810, Robert Crenshaw
(X), Wit: Thomas Fewell, . .am Barker (X), Robert Crenshaw Junr. Proved
by Robert Crenshaw Junr., 3 June 1811.
There is a Crenshaw bible (Robert, Sr.'s). It says that Robert and Elizabeth
b: December 3, 1738 in VA moved from Lunenburg Co., NC to Union Co., SC
and became farmers.

1. John CRENSHAW b: 27 JUL 1760
2. Charlotte CRENSHAW b: 11 APR 1762 Amelia Co., VA died 8 OCT 1832 in Union Co., SC
married 1783-89 James L.Davis in SC
3. Stephen CRENSHAW : 3 MAR 1764 married Susannah Hardy d/o Thomas Hardy and Phoebe Beuford
4. Lettisher CRENSHAW b: 29 JAN 1766 married unknown Ragsdale in SC, dead by 1810
5. Jane CRENSHAW b: 14 APR 1768 married ?Henry Stringfellow b.20 SEP 1777
6. Frances CRENSHAW b: 14 APR 1768 buried Cane Creek Quaker Cemetery, Union Co., SC
married Thomas McDaniel and James DUGAN b: July 29, 1778
7. Lucretia CRENSHAW b: 13 JUN 1770 died by Feb 1810
8. Martha CRENSHAW b: 5 FEB 1773 married unknown Evans
9. Robert CRENSHAW b: 8 JUL 1775 married Dorothy ABELL b. November 3, 1784 died September 19, 1804
and had one child Ephraim Abel (see excerpt of Robert's will below)Dorothy was probably the youngest
daughter "Dulley" of Ephraim Abell of Orange, VA Her grandfather would have been the father of Susan
Stringfellow, Robert Stringfellow. Dulley's mother was Elizabeth (Betsy) Stringfellow born 27 JAN 1768
in Fauquier, Va died 9 JUN 1858 in ,Greenville, South Carolina

10. Randolph CRENSHAW b: 22 NOV 1777 married 10 Nov 1802 in ,Fauquier,Virginia Susan STRINGFELLOW
b: 16 May 1784 d/o Robert b: 17 Sep 1736 in , King George VA Robert Rittenhouse Stringfellow owned two Virginia estates: "White Chimney" on the
Fredericksburg-Warrington Road and "Liberty Hill" a show place of Fauquier County.
11. James CRENSHAW b: 12 NOV 1779 married 1805 Betsey Newbil
12. Grief CRENSHAW b: ABT. 1780 died by Feb 1810
After Thomas McDaniel's death, his widow, Frances (Crenshaw) McDaniel
remarried James Duggan. There is a bit about her in the diaries of Rev.
Saye, a local historian of the times:

"Died at her residence in Union District, SC, December 1st 1856 in the
89th year of her age, Mrs. Frances Dugan. She had been from early life
a member of the Presbyterian Church, first at Grassy Spring and subsequently
for more than 40 years at Crane Creek. Her maiden name was Crenshaw. She was
first married to Mr. McDaniel and after his death to James Dugan, Esq.
Her life after her first marriage was spent one mile east of Cook's
Bridge on Tyger River. She was a quiet orderly industrious woman. She
was the step-mother of Matilda. She died almost without disease, having
been unwell a short time, some 10 days, before her death, recovered and
kept going till a few hours before death when she was taken down and
died before medical aid could be provided. Thus she went off the stage
of life as quietly as she had moved unobtrusively while on it."
- Eugene Farr, Sept. 2001.

Robert's father William deeds 200 ac. to him Oct. 1757 - Amelia Co., VA
Deeds 200 ac. back to William 2-24-1768. Both Robert and his son Robert
Jr. are in Union Dist. South Carolina in 1800 and 1810. Probably moved
there in 1787.

Excerpt of Stephen`s brother Robert's will;
Item I desire my Executors that if my son Ephriam Abel Crenshaw should
die or make his exit before he arrives to lawful age that all my estate
real and personal be equally divided among my brothers and sisters viz,
John Crenshaw, Charlotte Davis, Stephen Crenshaw, Jane
Stringfellow,Frances Dugan, Randolph Crenshaw, James Crenshaw and
Martha Evans which I give them

Item I appoint my friends James
Dugan, David Johnson, James Crenshaw and Anderson Crenshaw Executors to
this my last will and testament.

Signed and Sealed by the Testator as his last will and Testament this

eight day of February anno Domini 1810

In presence of us
Benn. Gleen
Sam Otterson
Robert McDaniel Signed Robt. Crenshaw
Recorded 18th day of Feb. 1810
His will is dated before his father's:Robert Crenshaw, Sr. Will dated Nov. 27, 1810. Proved June 3, 1811

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Robert Hardy (Sr.) ca 1782-4
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